About Me

Hi. I'm Anatolii. I'm a software engineer with a passion for efficiency, improving and streamlining one's life. I like learning and implementing things that lead to more fulfilling and happy life with less time spent on what's unimportant.

This Blog

In this blog, you will find the three primary topic groups covered:

  • Life Organization. Systems and processes one can implement in their life, with and without the help of technology, to be more productive and have more peace of mind.
  • Technology Overview. Ultimately, any and every tech boils down to a couple of fundamental ideas that, when understood well, lead to an understanding of a tech. In the Technology Overview articles, I perform a deep dive into technologies that interested me for one reason or another, and attempt dissect those ideas. Even if in today's fast-paced environment some technologies move forward and the exact words you write in your code editor become outdated, the ideas seldom do.
  • Programming Methods. Similarly to technology overview, in these articles I do a deep dive into various ways to write code, attempting to expose fundamental ideas behind those. Even if your language does not have an out-of-the-box library to support those techniques, if you understand the ideas of how it works, usually you can easily apply them.

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Professional Background

I'm open for professional opportunities as a software engineer or a management position! You can find my CV below to learn more about my background - don't hesitate to contact me: